Scientists have found that many Americans need to triple if not quadruple their amount of exercise.

Are you one of the millions of Americans out there who are sure to take at least 30 minutes a day to increase your heart rate with moderate exercise? Well make sure you are sitting down because new research has shown that 30 minutes a day may not be even remotely close to what’s necessary to keep you alive and healthy.
New date published this week in Circulation, presents findings that the miracle 30 minutes a day might not be enough.

Scientists and researchers of the study peer reviewed several journals and studies which took nearly 400,000 men and women with varying fitness levels into consideration. After examining the data and their findings, the study reveals that over the 15 years of observation, the control group experiences over 20,000 heart failures, After studying the amount of exercise that each participant reported they found that the individuals who loyally followed a 30 minute a day regime which has been noted by the American Heart Association as a guideline for heart health, it was found that only modest reductions in heart failure occurred compared to those individuals who actually did not work out at all.

Yet it was found that those participants who had an exercise regimen of twice to four times as much actually had a “substantial risk reduction” of nearly 35 percent.
These findings completely go against the mantra that has been taught by medical professionals for years. Because according to this data, 30 minutes of exercise a day reduced heart failure risks by an amount of close to nill.

“research found that physical activity and heart failure may be what they called “dose dependent,” meaning that higher levels of physical activity appeared to be linked to a lower risk of heart failure. That association appeared to hold across age groups, gender and race.”

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